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Sumio Haiba
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CHARACTER: Sumio Haiba
CANON: Enigma
VESSEL NAME & LOCATION: Minki (眠) On his right hand, over the checked pattern, in a different color.
VESSEL FORM: A flip phone
POWER: Telepathy. Anyone who his god has physically touched will have their real name show up in Sumio's phone. Anyone who considers the god an 'ally' will have signal and can be spoken to telepathically.
GOD: tbd
CAUSE OF DEATH: His skull was literally ripped out from his head.
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Backtagging: YES
Threadhopping: YES
Fourthwalling: YES
Offensive subjects (elaborate): You cannot offend me, tbh.


Hugging this character: YES
Kissing this character: YES
Flirting with this character: YES
Fighting with this character: YES
Injuring this character (include limits and severity): YES
Killing this character: With prior discussion
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: YES

Sumio is extra flirty with girls, and also has telepathy.
His telepathy is solely based on if someone considers him an ally.
If you would like to be registered as someone Sumio can use his telepathy on or if you would like to be exempt from his power, please reply here.
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Player Information

Name: Frika
Contact: [ profile] freakanature06
Age: 28
Other Characters: Killua Zoldyck (Hunter x Hunter), Yato (Noragami), Lance (Voltron)

Character Information

Name: Sumio Haiba
Canon: Enigma
Canon Point: Just before making his final wishes on Enigma's skull.
Age: 16
History: Here is the plot of Enigma, of which Sumio is the main character, so it gives his backstory pretty well.
Probably the most evident part of Sumio's personality is just how laid-back and lackadaisical he is about most things. He's known to fall asleep at random and doesn't really take his schooling very seriously, so he can seem like the normal kind of slacker at first glance. And, honestly, this is a part of who he is. He likes for things to be easy so he can just slack off and have fun with the people that he enjoys spending time with.

Generally speaking, Sumio is a very friendly sort of person as well. He can easily strike up conversations with others and quickly considers people his friends, no matter how they feel about the subject. To go along with this, he is also a trusting person and will gladly place his life in the hands of the people that he considers his friends. Sometimes, this trust might not be warranted, but he sticks to his guns and trusts his friends to the ends of the earth.

Unfortunately, this gives rise to some of Sumio's less desirable qualities. He is disgustingly flirtatious, often approaching girls for the first time with a line about how they were destined to meet and asking if she would marry him. Additionally, he is touchy-feely with his guy friends, eagerly swinging arms around them or hugging them energetically during a reunion. He's also been known to be very loud, in person as well as over the phone, and gets told off by some of his friends for this annoying habit regularly.

The most important parts of Sumio's personality, though, revolve around his ability to push forward through anything and his steadfast resolve to do what he set out to do. Even though he tends to act like a lazy bum, when Sumio puts his mind to something he goes all out to make sure that it happens. He is the driving force behind his classmates to push them through the e-game and get them out safely, constantly reassuring them all and going out of his way to prove that they can rely on each other. He is also the one who takes the most risks during the game, regularly putting his life on the line to make sure that he can keep his promises to his friends.

When faced with adversity, Sumio rises to the occasion every time, coming up with new and inventive ways to deal with his problems and come out the other side victorious. He gives himself up to the shadows in order to become their 'ally' so he can read their thoughts to find out his opponent's weakness and he steals the master key card to a prison in order to set the prisoners free and save himself and his friend, proving that he can readily think outside of the box when presented with a difficult problem.

All in all, Sumio is a friendly guy who really just wants to enjoy his time with people that he cares about, but he is definitely the sort of person you want to have with you if some serious shit hits the fan.
Abilities: Sumio has a Talent that allows him to communicate telepathically with people that consider him an 'ally'. It works a bit like a phone call - if someone is in range, he can hear their thoughts, and if someone has a stronger signal, he can speak with them more readily. He does sometimes employ this ability without realizing it as well.

Otherwise, Sumio is a very normal highschool boy.
+Lacking inhibitions
-No sense of personal space
-Lacking inhibitions
-Overly flirty
-Overly trusting

God/Shinki: Shinki
Why?: As much as Sumio is the 'leader' of his group of friends, he is very much nothing without the assistance of others. It makes sense for him to be in a supporting role, despite his rise to the title of Enigma and the way his friends look to him for leadership. He really is mostly just a go-with-the-flow kind of guy.
Cause Of Death: Having his skull ripped out to become the new Enigma skull, despite the careful wording of his wish. After all, he was warned that a human sacrifice would be required.
Vessel: A flip phone
Name Location: On his right hand, over the checkered pattern he bears there and in a different color as well.
Power: Telepathy. He allows his god to wield his Talent - they will be able to contact any 'ally' they have come in physical contact with telepathically and will also be able to see the full, real names of anyone they come into physical contact with.

Writing Sample

[Finding himself in a new, strange place, why wouldn't Sumio want to go looking around to find out what was available to him? It didn't matter that he had no idea where he was or where he was going or how to get back to where he started, what mattered was taking a look at the environs and getting a feeling for the people who were around!

And so Sumio wandered through the Far Shore, stopping anytime something caught his eye. He could be found staring at strange plants or attempting to find his way out of the dark forest or even trying to catch the little white fairies that were floating around like they were some weird fireflies. All the while with a gleeful smile on his face and a ready greeting for anyone who he happened to catch sight of.]

Oh hey! Can you give me some directions? I think I got a little lost...!

[He'll laugh and clap a hand to the back of his head. Or, if approached by a girl, he will promptly rush forward to grab her hands enthusiastically, as if she is his lifeline in this world of the dead. He'll look deep into her eyes, and speak the words that no girl wants to hear after just meeting a guy:]

Also, will you marry me??

[Either way, he makes an interesting encounter.]


Anything Else?: NOOOOOOOPE


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